Facilitating personal growth within your business we help you by creating psychologically safe learning spaces evoking curiosity, creative thinking and inventiveness.


Café Style Coaching

Café Style group coaching is a people development method based on group coaching that enables teams to harness the power of digital transformation to improve performance and foster an agile, learning culture.

Organisations are spending billions on digital transformation programmes only for them to fail because they haven’t managed to bring their people with them on the journey.

It is just as important to continually upgrade our minds, body and spirit as it is to upgrade our systems and processes.  This people development method fosters the creation of a psychologically safe workplace, transforming behaviour and developing an agile learning culture.  By thinking and acting more exponentially, development and change can be accelerated up to six times faster than traditional learning approaches.

Café Style group coaching offers hundreds of bitesize group experiential learning activities and our virtual coffeehouse conversations can be delivered via a video networking tool of your choice.

Executive Coaching

Our bespoke 1:1 executive coaching enables you and your people to innovate on an individual level to work with others to transform your organisation.

Whether it’s helping to prepare for a pitch or major presentation, work on developing a coherent vision for your company or improving confidence to lead others, we are here to assist.

Our professional team have years of experience in high level coaching and mentoring to really drive performance and get the best from people.  Dynamic, empathetic and highly skilled, our coaches are matched to your business and come with senior leadership experience across the breadth of the commercial and public sector.  With a bespoke matching service, our coaches work alongside you and your business to dig deep and get to the root of any issues you face by developing your people to tap into their potential, broaden their leadership skills and change behaviours.

We can coach in a way to suit your business from face-to-face sessions at our boardroom in South Norfolk or by video or phone.

To discuss how our innovative Café Style coaching or 1:1 methods can be used to help your business innovate and grow, do get in touch.  

Call 01379 844085 or email info@shimplingplace.com 

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