A Better Place to Work (or BP2W for short) is a proven online self-managed strategic business tool that creates collaborative working relationships, leading to higher levels of performance and ultimately improves the quality of life for everyone.

BP2W is not run by management or HR but by individuals and teams, allowing them to take ownership of activities, inviting feedback and having conversations about real work and relationship issues.  By allowing more ownership within your teams, BP2W will free up your time to innovate and grow your business rather than lead to more work.

BP2W creates openness, trust and collaboration, overcoming many of the people problems faced by businesses.  It has been developed by listening to the needs of middle managers so is relevant and user friendly, delivering greater efficiency and productivity. 

Through diagnostics, tools, resources, interventions, videos and activities, your teams will develop engagement and ownership so why not innovate together with BP2W.

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